About Me

Thanks for joining me! My name is Molly, and I'm a twenty-one year old Irish student about to finish my second last year of my bachelors degree. (photo of me in Arachon, France; February 2019) I have a keen interest in travelling, particularly European travel, as well as watersports, reading, culture and animals! I'm a … Continue reading About Me


A day trip to Mont St Michel

Living in Rennes for the last 8 months, I've been to the famous Mont St Michel for than once at this stage. It is a great place to bring visitors, as from Rennes it is only a short bus ride away. The island is one of the most visited attractions in France, and it's easy … Continue reading A day trip to Mont St Michel

My favorite vegan meals right now.

Living in a student dorm with limited kitchen facilities forced me to get creative with what I was cooking. Adding in the fact that I'm often too lazy to cook elaborate meals in the evenings (it's the last thing I want to do after 8 hours of class...) and my limited grocery budget, cooking yummy, … Continue reading My favorite vegan meals right now.

Must See Places in Brittany

With it's strong Celtic heritage, breathtaking coastline and plenty of friendly people. Brittany is one of the most unique French regions to explore. It is the most north-western region, and is famed for its Pink Granite Coast. When booking a french holiday, most people automatically consider a city break to Paris or Strasbourg, a ski … Continue reading Must See Places in Brittany

10 Tips for travelling in Belgium.

Think outside of the (Brussels) box. While the country's capital has an abundance of things to do and see, consider travelling to other cities as well. Brussels is an extremely 'European' city, so I would recommend visiting a few other places to benefit from the Belgian experience. Cities in the Flanders region, such as Ghent, … Continue reading 10 Tips for travelling in Belgium.

10 Free Ways to Practice Self Care and Destress

University is an exciting and busy time in our lives. Between courses, extra-curriculars, studying and of course, socializing, students often find it hard to set aside time for self care. A tight student budget and the lack of supplies that can come from living in a student dorm mean it can be difficult for students … Continue reading 10 Free Ways to Practice Self Care and Destress